One Platform – Any Use Case

VEMASYS is the only digital inland shipping platform that provides end-to-end business control and a seamless user experience for accessing any data on any device, across knowledge worker, planner, onboard crew, stevedore, and any other use case in your organization.

Fleet Management

One view on your fleet

Plan, manage and control your entire fleet from one central platform. A single view on the entire spectrum ranging from maintenance, over certifcations to crew planning and fully automated logbooks.

Logistics Planning

Operational effectiveness

Logistics planning made easy and transparent. Plan barges and cargo, follow-up and receive notifications of ETA changes. Meanwhile all smart contracts and documents are safely stored on the platform.

Business Insight Tooling

One view on your business

Exploiting every piece of data from every single step of the supply chain brings immense value to your business. It ensures end-to-end visibility for all parties, greater efficiency, and optimized processes. Monitor you KPI's in realtime and manage exceptions.


Embedded at the very core

In collaboration with renowned safety and quality experts VEMASYS offers a full Quality and Safety management system, deeply embedded in all modules of the platform.


Tailor-made solution for inland shipping

Our financial platform is entirely focused on managing the specific flows within inland shipping cooperations. It fully integrates with te logistics modules and creates an end-to-end view on the financial information enabling our customers to cosely manage, control and anticpate upon cashflow status, accounts payable and providing a seamless link with backoffice ERP and accounting systems.

AI & Data Science

AI in Autonomous Vehicles

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the automotive industry by storm to drive the development of level-4 and level-5 autonomous vehicles.

By applying proven AI technology and tailor made algorithms we are building the autonomous barges of tomorrow.

Connecting the dots within the multimodal highly demanding supplychain

Our Solutions

We have a variety of customer types.